Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another really productive student intern!

Gbenga Badipe, a junior at Rice University, has also worked with my project as a student programmer since January. He will be continuing with the project in his senior year, lucky for us.

Like Max, he started by fixing bugs on our importer/editor for Connexions OER. After solving Unicode and MathML errors, he worked with Max to help determine why some Google Docs images failed to import. Then he started working on a bug with the Word document importer. Sometimes the underlying services doing the conversion would hang and then stop responding to any requests to convert documents. Solving this issue required a completely new approach to working with the Open Office server doing the conversions, using a java-based scheduling service called JOD.  Gbenga did all the research, discovery, and implementation. Read the full story on his blog.

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